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Tarjeta Naranja

The Argentinan client ¨Tarjeta Naranja¨ (B2C service) presented the social campaign #eljueguitomaslargo along with our partner agency Geometry Global Argentina. The main task of this campaign in which we created the development, was to reach a million dribblings playing soccer using a friendly NPC avatar in the website. Also, the users could participate during the campaign in virals related to soccer challenges and donate sport supplies. With this actions if the goal was reached, Tarjeta Naranja would donated soccer supplies to the children in need from Ushuaia. The campaign was a success reaching the goal of million dribblings in a shorter time than the client Tarjeta Naranja expected, involving national trendsetters such as Sebastián Vignolo y Nati Jota.

Moving Ads

La camapaña consistió de las siguientes especificaciones:
"Participación juego online".
"Marca relacionada a jueguito".
"Juego push, juego online y desafio"