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Stella Maee

Much more than a jewelry store.

Stella Maee


About the brand

The team behind this brand knows and understands how special some moments in life can be. They focused their attention on the mother-daughter experience of getting the first pair of earrings.

At Stella Maee you will not only be able to buy a beautiful pair of earrings, you will have the chance to book an appointment to get your daughter’s ears pierced in a safe environment.

  • 01. Branding
  • 02. UX writing
  • 03. UX/UI design
  • 04. Development

The challenge

The challenge was to create an interface that, in addition to being attractive, successfully fulfilled all of its functionalities.

On the website, users can view all products in stock, purchase them easily, book appointments without hassle and learn the story behind Stella Maee.


The aim was creating a unique brand image that conveys Stella Maee’s professionalism and values, and distinguishes it from the competence. Both the logo and the color palette reflect the brand’s style and reliability.





UI Kit


The final result

The result is an appealing and user-friendly interface which conveys Stella Maee’s spirit and good values and encourages families to create unforgettable moments.