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  • 2021

Telefónica MWC

An immersive and futuristic experience

Telefónica MWC


About the project

Telefonica MWC is a very innovative 3D platform that allows Telefónica’s clients to choose an avatar and access different stands within a virtual world where they can explore all the products that the company offers. The experience simulates a real one, since users are guided by a professional just as they would in real life.

  • 01. Development

Our job

The purpose was creating a 3D multiplatform website.
We worked together with Utopia Voyagers. Our task consisted in developing the website front end. In order to ensure the best possible outcome for this immersive website, we used technologies such as Nuxt and Gsap.

Once our work was finished, the Utopia Vogayers team developed the 3D canvas, bringing realism to the overall experience.


/works/telefonica/02.jpg -->


/works/telefonica/03.jpg -->


The outcome

The end result is a highly interactive, attractive and user-friendly interface that engages users in an unforgettable experience. The website's numerous functionalities work harmoniously, ensuring smooth navigation and enhancing the user experience.