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DOC Telefónica

An innovative and futuristic tour.

DOC Telefónica


About the project

DOC Telefónica is a very innovative 3D platform that allows users to schedule a virtual visit to the operations center and invite others to attend with them.
Before the tour, visitors can choose an avatar and add their names. During the tour they are guided by a professional just as they would in real life. Visitors are allowed to move around and interact with each other.

  • 01. Development

Our job

Once more we worked together with Utopia Voyagers to create this 3D multiplatform website.

Our job consisted in developing the website front-end. In order to ensure the best possible outcome for this immersive website, we used technologies such as Nuxt and Gsap.

Once our work was finished, the Utopia Vogayers team developed the 3D canvas, bringing realism to the overall experience.





The outcome

Our work resulted in a highly interactive, modern and user-friendly interface that manages to engage users in an unforgettable experience. Numerous functionalities enhance user interaction and navigation on the website.