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Experts in experience creation.



About EventNext

EventNext are experienced creators. Their specialty is producing turn-key, disruptive brand experiences; from ideation through on-site activation.

  • 01. UX/UI design
  • 02. UX writing
  • 03. Development

Our job

Mindmap came to us with the challenge of redesigning and developing EventNext’s website. They were looking for an interface that would reflect the nature of their brand and call everyone’s attention to their broad experiece.

The content of each of the sections was analysed and re-structured, copies were re-written and the look and feel was re-designed so as to create a neat, simple and modern interface that would reflect the disruptivity EventNext want to achieve through each of the events they plan.

Finally, our team developed each of the sections and functionalities of the site.





The outcome

The result is a modern and bold design. Contrasting colors, large text, images of past events and smooth transitions comprise an interface that manage to engage users and reflect the true essence of EventNext.